Registration + Parking

Registration Check-In

Registration Check-In will take place from 6:30-8:15 p.m. (Eastern Time) in the lobby of the hotel. There will be students there to direct you to our table, which will have a black Navigator tablecloth on it. 

LATE ARRIVALS - Once the Main Session starts at 8:30 the check-in table will be moved to outside Monument Hall - the Main Session room. When you arrive at the hotel proceed to the lower level and check-In before you enter the main session.


Parking in the Hotel Garage is included in the price of the conference! 

  • The garage is adjacent to the hotel and you access it on Market Street. 
  • Take a ticket from the machine to enter the garage.
  • Keep the ticket with you as you enter the hotel - do not leave it in your vehicle
  • Give the ticket to the hotel Front Desk as you check in. They will then turn your room key into your new garage key that will allow you to enter and leave the garage for free during the weekend. 
  • Once you depart on Sunday, you will swipe your room key to exit the garage and immediately there will be a container to deposit your key in - ONLY PUT YOUR KEY HERE AFTER YOU CHECK OUT ON SUNDAY!

Looking for fun things to do?

Journey 2017 - Indianapolis - Free Time Options

Military Park - 14-acre green space located west of the hotel at the corner of Ohio St & West St. Good for sports, picnics, and enjoying nature. Weather permitting, we will have an organized game of ultimate frisbee here beginning at 3:00 pm on Saturday. (8 minute walk)

American Legion Mall - Indianapolis is home to the second-most monuments and memorials among U.S. cities. In this park you'll find World War II, Korean, and Vietnam memorials. Also includes large green space good for sports and picnics. Located north of the hotel at the corner of North St & Meridian St. (10 minute walk)

Indianapolis City Market - A renovated historic public market with more than 30 merchants and a great place to grab a meal, shop for unique gifts, or simply hang out. The City Market is one of only five original public market houses in the United States. Free admission into the market. Located east of the hotel at 222 E Market St. (10 minute walk)

Circle Centre Mall - Large indoor shopping mall with over 100 retailers and large food court. Entrance located south of the hotel at the corner of Washington St & Illinois St. (4 minute walk)

NCAA Hall of Champions - Essentially the hall of fame of college sports. All 24 NCAA sports are represented. $5 admission and open until 5pm. Located west of the hotel at 700 W Washington St. (13 minute walk)

The Canal - The Indiana Central Canal is the most ideal area to just take a walk. If you walk west on Ohio St, you’ll run right into the canal. (7 minute walk)

White River State Park - Lots of green space right next to the White River. Good for sports, picnics, and enjoying nature. Located directly behind the J.W. Marriott and Victory Field. Walk west on Washington St until you see the big “White River State Park” sign. (12 minute walk)

Monument Circle - The center of the city! The intersection of Meridian St and Market St.  Officially named the Indiana State Soldiers and Sailors Monument. Walk up the stairs to get a sweet, 360-degree view of the city!

Board games and card games- Circle City Room 6  

Homework Room - Circle City Room 4

Thrift Store Prom

Journey is always so  much fun and this year we're adding even more adventure to our time together. Saturday night we're hosting a Thrift Store prom! The dance will begin after Saturday's evening session and will end our night together. Go shopping with friends from your campus beforehand or check out the thrift stores during free time on Saturday afternoon! There's a Salvation Army only 1 mile away!

Thrift store attire is not required to dance your heart away, but it is definitely encouraged! 



Workshop Info

At Journey you will have the opportunity to attend two workshops! Here are descriptions of the workshops to choose from:

1)   The Gospel: A workshop exploring the simplicity and richness of the gospel of Jesus Christ for all of life. —Nate & Kendra Goering

2)   Prayer: What if there was more to prayer than asking for things and hoping for the best? What if prayer meant pursuing an incredible Person, granting that person space to move, and wielding the power of the Holy Spirit? This workshop explores approaching God in prayer. —Abigail Jackson & James Crumb

3)  Getting More Out of Your Bible Study: A workshop exploring Bible study skills and the effects of culture on interpretation.—Rachel Parker & Katie Weber

4)   Developing Convictions: Convictions are the beliefs we have become convinced of and order our lives around. We all have convictions, but not all of our convictions come from the Bible. In this workshop, explore how to develop and pass on convictions from the Scriptures.—Josh Weakly & Beth Timberlake

5) Laboring After College: A workshop exploring the major questions of life after college with a view toward laboring for a lifetime. —Molly Crocker & Michael Bolton

Meet our Speaker

Stacy and Drew.jpg

Drew Frazer has been enthusiastically serving with The Navigators for the past 17 years. He lives out his message of 'Made for More' through daily conversations and investments in the lives of others. 

He graduated from Georgia Tech in Industrial Design, staying in Atlanta to work.  The vision of making disciples gripped Drew, and he left his job to minister to College students.  

Drew moved to West Texas A&M to learn all that he could about student ministry.  He did this through The Navigator intern program called EDGE, allowing him to focus on evangelism.  Drew then went to the University of Northern Iowa, motivated to deepen his ministry to students.  It was at Cedar Falls that Drew first met his wife, Stacy.  In 2005, Drew's passion for Christ, led him to pioneer The Navigator ministry at the University of Colorado in Boulder.  Drew loves to share the Gospel with people, and these convictions were forged during his years on campus.

Drew wanted to ensure that graduating students would also have the experiences of deepening their walks with God, and ministry, in the working world.  In 2014 Drew became the Denver Nav20s City Director, helping Navigator alumni transition to their next steps in their professional fields.  His heart for people is contagious.  That's why Drew also trains Campus Directors in the Rocky Mountain Collegiate Region, and serves on the Nav20's National Leadership Team.  Drew has spoken to thousands of students, churches, Navigator staff, and ministers all over the United States, and around the world as a conference speaker.

In his free time, Drew loves spending time with his wife Stacy and three kids, Dax, Biz and Garrett. Drew enjoys camping, off-roading, and building things with his hands.  Drew and Stacy remain passionate about reaching this generation of students and young professionals.  They want to see them contribute as laborers, and see them sent into the entire world to impact the Kingdom of God. They dream of one day bringing the Gospel to an unreached people group.