Workshop Info

At Journey you will have the opportunity to attend two workshops! Here are descriptions of the workshops to choose from:

1)   The Gospel: A workshop exploring the simplicity and richness of the gospel of Jesus Christ for all of life. —Nate & Kendra Goering

2)   Prayer: What if there was more to prayer than asking for things and hoping for the best? What if prayer meant pursuing an incredible Person, granting that person space to move, and wielding the power of the Holy Spirit? This workshop explores approaching God in prayer. —Abigail Jackson & James Crumb

3)  Getting More Out of Your Bible Study: A workshop exploring Bible study skills and the effects of culture on interpretation.—Rachel Parker & Katie Weber

4)   Developing Convictions: Convictions are the beliefs we have become convinced of and order our lives around. We all have convictions, but not all of our convictions come from the Bible. In this workshop, explore how to develop and pass on convictions from the Scriptures.—Josh Weakly & Beth Timberlake

5) Laboring After College: A workshop exploring the major questions of life after college with a view toward laboring for a lifetime. —Molly Crocker & Michael Bolton